Links we love

There are so many great blogs and websites out there about travel we thought we should share who is inspiring us. This is a list that will be regularly updated as we discover more great sites. There are some more on our post Travel writers as role models. Also you can contact us if you would like to be included on this list.

Here’s the Geokult hit list of great travel writers and bloggers:

  • Lavinia Spalding: Lavinia Spalding is a writer, editor, teacher, public speaker, and lapsed Luddite. She’s series editor of The Best Women’s Travel Writing, and author of two books: Writing Away: A Creative Guide to Awakening the Journal-Writing Traveler, named one of the best travel books of 2009 by the L.A. Times.
  • Home Free Adventures: The Martins – Lynne, 73, and Tim, 68, began their adventure in 2010, when they realized they shared a deep desire to travel and yearned for something a bit different for retirement. So soon after they sold their California home and set out to live abroad, one country at a time.
  • Uncornered Market: Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott are the husband-and-wife storytelling and photography team behind Uncornered Market. They have been travelling for over 6 years.
  • Don George is an editor at large at National Geographic Traveler magazine and the author of Lonely Planet’s Guide to Travel Writing.
  • Legal Nomads: Author, soup expert and former lawyer from Montreal Jodi Ettenberg, has been eating her way around the world since 2008.
  • A Little Adrift: Shannon O’Donnell, launched  A Little Adrift as a way to share her journey, as well as sharing the hows and whys for others feeling adrift and looking for a change in their lives.
  • The Vacation GirlsThe Vacation Gals are three professional travel writers — and moms of children ranging in age from 7 to 14 — who enjoy sharing favorite destinations for family trips, girlfriend getaways and romantic escapes with readers.
  • Nomadic Matt’s Travel Site: This blog has a lot of information about how you can travel long term with a very limited budget. He also has some books for sale about a range of information including, teaching english and how to travel the world on $50 a day.
  • Fly Brother tackles international travel in unabridged, unapologetic, full and complete color. It’s also the blog name of writer and educator Ernest White II, a tall, ruggedly handsome, erudite, occasionally delusional Black American male based mostly in South Florida, but can also be found in São Paulo, Berlin, and anywhere else that tickles his fancy.