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From Ed Mooney (a photographer we profiled in April 2014)

I don’t normally do introductions, but I recently came across this fantastic travel blog Geokult Travel. It really caught my attention so I really wanted to share this with everyone. Geokult Travel is run by a pair of self proclaimed ‘empty nester’s’, Tracey Benson and Martin Drury. Both reside in Canberra Australia and share the love of photography, along with writing and cartography respectively. Along with some great stories from Samoa & Amsterdam, they also include fantastic tips for prospective Travellers. Yesterday they did a Profile of my work on their blog for which I am deeply honoured. So why not drop over and check out their blog Geokult Travel, and tell them I said Hi 🙂

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From www.gallivance.net
Tracey and Martin, Thanks so much for your very kind words. When it comes to travel, I think we’ve made every mistake possible over the years, and hopefully learned a few (often funny) lessons. 
🙂We’re honored to be here on your great blog. All the best, Terri & James

About Tracey
Online engagement

I have worked with Tracey directly and indirectly for many years. She has a very broad range of knowledge and experience in the online space. Her experience and understanding of online engagement and information management is extensive. She has very strong skills in developing and supporting networks of people who work in the same or related areas. This is a great asset for any team and with this focus she helps our current multi-disciplined team keep well informed about developments that affect our work. Andrew Meers, LivingGreener (2012)

I’ve previously worked across projects with Tracey and am now pleased to have her as my direct manager. Tracey brings with her a broad and comprehensive range of skills in technical fields, stakeholder management and online communications. She is also fun to work with and easily shares her skills and knowledge with myself and others. Along with the rest of the team, I would highly recommend Tracey for communications, online engagement and community engagement projects. Julie Hodgkinson Online communications (2011)

In my role as a Public Affairs Officer, Tracey has provided invaluable support and advice on a range of new media concepts that the department is interested in undertaking. Her strategic advice in balancing the needs of the government and our target audiences has helped me make the right decision on more than one occasion. Kate Thomas, Communication Account Manager at Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (2009)


I worked under Tracey’s leadership on the LivingGreener.gov.au website in 2012. Apart from her achievements in ensuring the success of the website on its own merits, Tracey played an active role in the cross-promotion of the website on existing and emerging social media channels. One of her key ideas was the LivingGreener YouTube channel. This also became an excellent use of staff expertise, in the face of departmental restructuring which caused a halt on new written content for the website. My daily focus was changed from writing for the website, to planning, producing and publishing a series of interview-based videos to be published on a future LivingGreener YouTube channel. These were based on the “real stories” the website received from members of the Australian public, who took the time to write about the energy efficiency measures they were taking in their own lives. We made more than ten videos and I was very pleased to see them rolled out by the LivingGreener team in 2013. These became examples for my subsequent role at the Melbourne School of Land and Environment at The University of Melbourne. John Barrington, Digital Communications Officer, MSLE UoM

I’ve always found Tracey an excellent person to work with in various roles over the years. Tracey is generally enthusiastic, thinks creatively, understands people, and overall is a very good manager. Jon Millard, Environmental Information and Technology Professional (2009)

Arts management and collaboration
It was delight to work with someone so organized in terms of managing the Dorkbot group of artists exhibition, installation and information at Electrofringe. Tracey put 110% into this project and I’d highly recommend as a facilitator and event manager. Melinda Rackham (2009)

I’ve worked with Tracey on many projects over many years. When she was artist in residence at Metro Arts, she demonstrated her critical and generous creativity, often collaborating with other resident artists and groups. Since then, we’ve continued to share ideas and experiences in the arts, particularly emerging artforms from science and technology engagements. She never ceases to amaze with her restless thinking. Linda Carroli, Creative Sustainability :: People, Place, Product, Potential, Partnership + Pollinating (2008)