Geokult is a collaboration between artist and social scientist Tracey M Benson and cartographer/programmer Martin Drury. This blog explores their mutual interests in travel, cartography, cultural and historical geography, sustainability and technology.

This blog was created in May 2011, as a means to research themes of interest for a 2 month trip to Turkey in September/October2011, where Tracey and Marty worked on the ‘cultural strangers’ project as part of an artist-in-residence at Babayan Culture House and Tracey presented a paper at ISEA2011 in Istanbul.

Since then, Geokult has continued evolving as a collaborative project, driven by shared interests in mapping, geography, humanity, travel and sustainability. Tracey and Marty also expanded into travel writing in 2014 with the Geokult Travel blog.

In January 2019, Tracey and Marty consolidated the websites migrating the content to geokult.com.

Creatively they have participated in a range of activities including the SCANZ2013 residency in New Plymouth, Aotearoa New Zealand (NZ), 2013 and Water, Peace, Power at Parihaka (NZ) in 2016 and the Clipperton Project’s expedition to the Faroe Islands(FØ) in 2016.

Martin and Tracey on ISEA2011 Bosphorus cruise

Martin and Tracey on ISEA2011 Bosphorus cruise

We hope you enjoy visiting our site as much as we enjoy sharing our adventures with you 🙂