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A Kangaroo Tale


Text: Garry Benson Photos: © Garry Benson 2008 Editor: Tracey Benson It was during the video shoot for ‘Painting the Song’,  a documentary on the Kaltjiti (Pitjantjatjara) Artists of the Sand Dune Country… Continue reading

365 Places: Papunya


Day 5: Papunya, Central Australia Today, I am again reflecting on a place I would like to go – Papanya, Central Australia. The image above is an aerial landscape of Papunya, created from… Continue reading

Aspects of the Anangu Lifestyle


Text: Garry Benson Photos: ©2008 Garry Benson Dragon Design This article focuses on many aspects of the Anangu (the Aboriginal people of Central Australia) lifestyle. Tjala (Pitjantjatjara) or Honey Ants are ants which… Continue reading