Big Banana Time Inc. – On-going bananas

The following text was produced as part of an project titled Big Banana Time Inc, which ran from 1996-2000.

Griller Girls was the title of an exhibition featuring women artists working with technology, curated by Di Ball and exhibited at the Institute of Modern Art in 1999.

My work On-going bananas was a web based artwork featuring my cyber identity Carmen Banana.

It is ironic that at the time I talk about the falling commodity value of the banana, when in fact in 2001, the opposite is true because of severe crop damage after Cyclone Yasi and the floods in Queensland.

Carmen Banana

Carmen Banana

On-going bananas

as you will notice
this site is dedicated to an
unrepressed urge
to not only imitate a banana tree
but to also
celebrate the unique
yet universal mystery
of the humble banana.

the banana not only represents
health and well being-
it is often used
to symbolise the
exotic, sensual and indulgent elements
of desire…..

icon of tourism and trade
the banana
to all manner
behavioural, environmental and social
conditions which
require consumption.

it is unfortunate that in recent times its value has fallen
due to the upsurge
of relentless
tactics which
huge losses in moral, ethical and trade

the banana is in crisis

grilled bananas
are particularly appetising,
and far more tasty than
battered alternative.