Reblog from Linda Carroli

Wonderful piece by Linda Carroli about warfaring and human experience, which also references some of my creative work exploring place and experience.


For my current research on Fieldworking, I am reading various works on walking. Several tabs are open on my browser as I flip between key texts to develop the framework for the project: Art of Fieldwork, Mental Maps, Ways of Walking

This morning, and pursuant to my earlier post about pathways, sites and territories, I’ve stumbled on a collection of Tim Ingold’s essays, Being Alive: Essays on Movement, Knowledge and Description. A review written by Sharon Blackie and published by Earthlines reveals that wayfaring, as an unending process, is a core concept for Ingold and is “the fundamental mode by which living beings inhabit the earth”. Wayfaring and pathways are fundamental to being human and becoming:

In the context of developing his ideas about movement, Ingold discusses ‘dwelling’, a term and concept usually attributed to philosopher Martin Heidegger, originating from his 1951 lecture ‘Building Dwelling…

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