Gibraltar Falls

Today we headed off late for a walk, with a plan to go to Birrigai Time Trail. This walk explores many remnants of Aboriginal and early European inhabitation by squatters (unuathorised occupiers) in the 1830s. Unfortunately the road was blocked due to a bicycle race and we gave up waiting after around 15 minutes parked on the road.

The falls

The falls

Instead we went to Gibraltar Falls, which is not really a walk, only a couple of hundred metres down to the viewing platform which looks out at the falls which are 50 metres high and quite lovely. The tourist information board spoke of the significance of the site for the Aboriginal people who lived in the area, being mainly a men’s site for initiations into culture.

Gibraltar Falls Journey

Gibraltar Falls Journey

There was also a water dragon sunning himself on a rock. You can check him out sunning himself in the pictures on the everytrail track linked below.

From here we drove down to have a look at the Corin Dam, which looks pretty full at the moment.

Corin Dam

I am still looking forward to Birrigai Time Trail. In Ngunnawal, the word birrigai means laughter. Incidentally there is a school camp there, and my son claims it was the best camp he went on at school. No wonder, with such a great name, it makes you smile just to think of a bunch of primary school kids learning what the place name means in traditional language.

Here is a link to my tracks (mainly driving) of today’s adventures.

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Despite the fact we never reached our intended destination, it was a glorious autumn day with a clear blue sky and very pleasant temperature.