Nudgee Waterholes

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Yesterday we went for a lovely wander around the Nudgee Waterholes, located on the northside of Brisbane, close to Nudgee Beach on Moreton Bay. We went with good friend, fellow walker and placemaker Linda Carroli. Aside from being an area rich in vegetation and bird life, it is well known historically as a significant food and gathering place for local Aboriginal people. Located at the waterholes is a Bora Ring, which was specifically a men’s meeting place.

It was evident that there has been a lot of rain, some of the paths were flooded, it was swarming with mosquitos and a number of the paper barks keeled over because the shallow tree roots were waterlogged.

When we had enough of having our blood sucked we headed over to a picnic area near Kedron Brook Floodway, a popular spot for recreational fishermen. Linda had brought along a bevy of yummy…

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