Mapping a Sustainable Future – First Steps in Ganmain

Here is a post from a few years ago, reviewing a straw bale building workshop we did. We are still very keen on this type of building and need to get more skills!


Aside from a mutual fascination with maps and geography, Marty and Tracey both have a passion for sustainable building and treading more lightly on the earth.

Over the Easter weekend, they traveled to Ganmain in rural New South Wales to participate in a straw bale building workshop, run by Huff ‘n’ Puff constructions (husband and wife team John and Susan Glasford). Unfortunately, this course was somewhat of a disappointment, as M & T had to leave about halfway through the course. Throughout the workshop there were a range of problems with basic co-ordination of catering and meals, but the larger issue was the apparent lack of structure between the theory and the practical components of the workshop. The couple also failed to present professionally, as it was made very obvious to all participants that there were ‘issues’. You can’t blame them too much for this though – even the best…

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