365 Places: Algeria

Day 7: Algeria, North Africa

Today my post is about a place that I will probably never visit again, Algeria. From the small part I saw, it is a beautiful and captivating country with an equally fascinating and complex history. I spent most of my time in the north of the country, close to the Mediterranean coast. It surprised me how lush and green the countryside was – I had imagined Algeria to be a dry, and arid landscape, similar to the central desert country of Australia.

Most of the time I was with people from the Berber culture, who are the Indigenous people of this region. The Berber have an incredibly rich and complex history and culture, which I also find fascinating: particularly the role of women – check out the story of Kahina as a starting point.

As you can see from my photos, Algeria is a contrast between the ancient and the modern – the Roman ruins and the many satellite dishes on apartments coexisting somewhat strangely together in the lush, viridian landscape. The highlight of my trip was wandering around the Roman ruins of Tipasa, a UNECSO heritage listed site, located 70 kilometres west of Algiers.