Text: Garry Benson
Images: © Garry Benson 2014

We took a long 2hr walk this morning from Mooloolaba to Alexandra Headland to Maroochydore. Just before leaving the Rescue helicopter and the eagle looked like they were having a dogfight but it’s the Lumix FZ750’s 24-600mm lens.

I often describe a game of golf as the waste of a good walk, but I’m quite happy to be out and about Photowalking. The concept of Photowalking is in some ways likened to Street Photography, but the difference really is that I photograph objects (sometimes including people) rather than people specifically.

The idea to become aware of your immediate environment with an ‘innocent eye’. Most of us take a walk and concentrate on everything but the photo opportunities – the people we’re with, the conversation, the path ahead, the eagerly awaited reward coffee and cake at the end of the walk. It’s a case of thinking outside that box of experience and actually looking 360 degrees at where you walk.

These are just some of the lots of shots I took during this morning’s 2 hour walk:

None of the above were staged or edited – just ‘au naturel’. There’s a major disadvantage to Photowalking. Your friends get really pissed off that you keep stopping and moaning ‘Wow, what a great shot’ or don’t keep up with them. The advantage is that coffee & cake at the end of the walk.