365 Places: Emerald Beach

Day 30: Emerald Beach, News South Wales, Australia

Emerald Beach is a place that is true to its name – it is a gem. Here you can find beautiful beaches that are safe for swimming, some great walks around the headland and you might even see some kangaroos. We had a great time today exploring the region around Coff’s Harbour and fell in love with this beautiful spot.

This lovely place is about 15 minutes drive north of Coffs Harbour and has the vibe of really nice community. We noticed along all the power poles heading into town, a great variety of colourful children’s art, depicting beach scenes of octopi, fishes, kites, whales and beaches. The other really cute thing we saw were lots of kangaroos in peoples back yards, casually eating the grass, obviously very relaxed. What a great place – we will definitely be back to visit some time soon.