Framing the Capital – Finding Collaborators

New blog about AR project for Canberra

Tracey M Benson || Bytetime

As part of the creative intervention into the Long Time No See? (LTNS) project, I intend to use the list of waypoints in the LTNS Fieldbook  to create a pilot AR walking project of Canberra.

The focus of this walk is to bring alive some stories about Canberra through discovering and reading the landscape. To facilitate this process, I have started to collaborate with a colleague, Chris Mobbs, who has a background as an interpretation ranger in ACT National Parks. Chris has an expansive knowledge of local history and the environment. So far, we have had some wonderful conversations about some very interesting sites around the Canberra region.

As with my Auckland walk Finding the Ghosts of K Road, where historian Edward Bennett was my guide and knowledge custodian, in this project, Chris will be my subject matter expert and guide. A recent discussion focused on how to ‘see’ the landscape…

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