Night journeys

For some reason ever since I have arrived in Shepparton my nights have been filled with the most vivid and intense dreams. Most of the time I do not remember my dreams, possibly because by the time I go to bed at night I am really tired.

Most mornings, I find myself checking up my dream symbols in online dream journals (dream moods) to try and gain an understanding of what my brain is trying to tell me.

I am not surprised that these dreams are coming to me at the moment, there has been so much to learn, new places, envirnoments , people and culture.

People who know me well, understand my compulsion to try and understand the esoteric, subliminal and ‘fateful’ events in my life. Sounds irrational, but I have never felt comfortable with the western linear concept of time and place. There has been so many times where I have met people and we have both had the sense of already knowing each other or of meeting at another time. I have also many times had the experience of déjà vu, which has also happened quite a bit here in Shepparton. Wikipedia’s interpretation of déjà vu is quite interesting in terms of how the brain works and it is certainly something I would like to try an understand better.

Anyway, someone once told me you should not tell people about the content of your dreams, because then they will manifest in waking life. I don’t want to be cynical, but I doubt I will cross paths with any pandas or white rats any time soon.