Highway Poetry

On the way home from Shepparton last weekend Tracey asked me to text her my progress, as has been the practice every weekend of her six week stay.  As I approached my first potential stop I thought I would text “Benalla Baby”, as it turned out I didn’t actually stop there, but I started thinking about alliteration for all the potential stops and situations I might face on the way home.  I was amazed that I didn’t need one sip of coffee, Coke, or energy drink and was still wide awake when I got home a 12:30 AM.

Although over five plus hours of driving there were dozens of potential lines composed, here is what I ended up texting:

Glorious Glenrowan
Service Centre

Welcomes Wodonga
Mostly mist
Fears Fog
Nears NSW

Hell Hole (Apologies to anybody from Holbrook)
Much-less mist
Forgotten fog
Shopping shortage
Food famine
Roadhouse restaurant
Pepper pie

Ponders Parting
Heavy heart
Treasures Tracey
Loves longingly
Sees soon
Heals heart

(after some nice feedback)
Thoughtful thanks
Greatful for Gundagai
Tempting tuckerbox

Yonder Yass
Yess… Yass
Canberra calling
Heated house (hopefully)
Stopping stopping
Heading home
Home sweet home

(the next couple of lines were not texted, because I didn’t stop, but were appropriate for the last leg or the journey from about Jugion onwards)
Frigging Fog
Speaks too soon

Speak soon
Lovely lady