Journey of a different kind

One of the things I love about traveling is that it is a reminder of our shared humanity,  the essence of us that transcends race, religion and culture.

I don’t often write about this topic but today I have been thinking about the force that binds us together,  love.

Love has many forms and is the thread that links us to each other.

Everywhere I see love at work. On the ferry, a young husband looks adoringly at his wife adjusting her head scarf while she smiles at him. At the table next to us, a young family drink tea, the father nursing their baby, carefully shielding the sleeping infant from the sun.

Turkey holds my heart too. I love the warmth and generousity of people here. Everything comes from the heart.

Love is many emotions and many contexts. For example, right now my love for my son makes me homesick. In marriage, my love for my husband speaks of many things including my ability to accept to accept the ebb and flow of our relationship. Other loves evoke thoughts and actions: for example my love of my country makes me concerned for the future and my love of nature drives me to be more aware.

Our world can be so hard, so focused on what makes us different,  so much about what divides us and not what makes us the same. Love breaks these chains, allowing us to connect and appreciate rather than fear our differences.