Defra framework for pro-environmental behaviours

Very interesting blog post about behaviour change for sustainability.


Thanks to one of NTU’s tutors, Tom Fisher, who was offering a lecture on Design and Sustainability lats week, I had the opportunity to find a large amount of documentation from DEFRA on one of their reports that explore a framework for pro-environmental behaviour (DEFRA, 2006).

The documentation find on their archive is remarkably aligned with the Me?Waste? project. They highlight in the scope report (published on the 20 December 2006)

The aim of the project is to develop “a strategic approach to effective engagement with citizens on one planet living in order to catalyse action towards our priority behaviour goals on the environment, create a mandate for government action to support these goals and ensure that public interventions in these fields are integrated so as to maximise impact.”

Furthermore, the report highlights that they focus on household environment only in this report, but that they understand…

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