365 Places: Cafe TREEO

Day 34: Cafe TREEO, Sawtell, News South Wales, Australia

Today I am writing about another favourite place to hang out on the Coffs Coast, Cafe TREEO Sawtell. A while ago, I wrote about our love for the village of Sawtell in 365 Places: Sawtell and over the past week we have grown to love this location even more for it’s beautiful coast line, wonderful village atmosphere and the great food and coffee at TREEO.

The coffee is really good here as is some of their wonderful iced teas and fruit drinks, which are served in big jars, which seems to be an increasing fashion for cafes serving smoothies and cold drinks.

The breakfast and lunch menus all offer the traditional cafes favourites but with a twist. For example, for brunch today I had the citrus cured tasmanian salmon with poached eggs, goats chevre, avocado & preserved lemon on sourdough, which was just delicious and huge for lunch. $17.00 Marty had the grilled chicken salad with baby spinach, avocado, pine nuts, capsicum, roasted butternut pumpkin & persian feta $17.50

TREEO pride themselves on using fresh local ingredients and the food is also beautifully presented. The cafe also has a quirky atmosphere which really suits the laid back style of Sawtell.

Their website says that:

Cafe TREEO is the product of Duncan & Leesa Elliot who moved from Sydney 2 years ago to grab their little slice of paradise in Sawtell. Duncan is a chef of over 20 years having cooked across the globe with the bulk of his years spent in Michelin star restaurants in London, while Leesa who cut her teeth in the video games industry is a marketing professional. With their talents combined they have created a unique offering focused on quality across every level.

Here is a picture of Duncan with some of his team.

Duncan and TREEO team

Duncan and TREEO team

If you drop in just for coffee and a snack, you must try their ‘to de for’ chocolate brownie – bring your friends though – this is a slab of brownie, not for the faint hearted!

My hope is that one day TREEO will be my local cafe and I can enjoy their fine offerings everyday.

Cafe TREEO Sawtell
18 First Ave
Sawtell, New South Wales 2452
Mon – Sun: 7:00 am – 4:30 pm