Finding the Ghosts of K Road

New post about a forthcoming Augmented Reality project in Auckland. See ADA as well for more.

Tracey M Benson || Bytetime

Finding the Ghosts of K Road was a project produced for ADA Mesh Cities, Auckland 2014.

Local K Road historian Edward Bennett also contributed significantly to this work and donated his time to guide the walk and assist Tracey’s research leading up to ADA Mesh Cities.

There are a number of posts that discuss, document and share information about the Augmented Reality walk. You can check out:

Proposal for ADA MESH Cities 2014, Auckland: Guided tour and presentation
An Augmented Reality Project by Tracey Benson

Finding the Ghosts of K Road combines a guided walk around a famous street in the city of Auckland with the use of augmented reality. This…

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