Letters to a tree – Wanderlust

Reflecting on Made of Walking, Cyprus 2018

Tracey M Benson || Bytetime

After waking up to an amazing sunrise, I set off early for the first of the Made of Walking workshops.

This morning Stefan van Biesen and Annemie Mestdagh presented a workshop titled Wanderlust.

Wanderlust flyer Wanderlust flyer

Our small group ventured up the hill, finding a shady spot in the orchard. Stefan opened the conversation by talking about a tree that he had connected with many years ago, recounting the story of writing over 40 letters to the tree. He translated three of the letters for us and I found them poetic and very moving. Each letter was a gesture of generosity, of deep thought and meditation on life and our universal connectedness. I found myself thinking back to Norway and the tree at the Hurum Kirke, reflecting on the quiet times I spent in the company of this Elder who had witnessed the comings and goings of so many…

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