Leaf, contour, coastline and more from Plant(e)scape

Another post from Made of Walking, Cyprus. Walking arts, augmented reality and creativity on the amazing Akamas Peninsula

Tracey M Benson || Bytetime

Last night Simona Vermiere gave a talk about her research focused walking and plants, exploring some of her PhD work and talking about how she came to coin the term Plant(e)scape. Starting with Thoreau, Simona wove a discussion about the relationships between humans and plants through writers including Emerson, Marder and Harraway.
You can find her talk on Prezi

This morning Rosie Montfort, an artist from the UK led a workshop exploring walking and drawing. We set off up the hill to the beautiful stone chapel, taking our time along the way to closely observe and draw some of the trees and scenes. As were wandered, Rosie talked about her creative walking practice and showed is some of her lovely concertina books. Rosie also made everyone a small book for the workshop so we could record our observations. I really enjoyed this play with drawing. For some years I…

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